I could not sleep properly last night I wake up from time to time to see if that text in WhatsApp was sent.

“The earth seems to be upside down since I ask him about his current relationship.”

  • We have a long talk on the phone around 3.30 hrs on Friday 9 July 2021
  • he said he has lost his mind and he looks back and doesn't know what he did wrong why he is in a tough time like this.
  • this time he said he truly care about me and want to take care of me when I mention that I worry about my parent worried about me not successful and single.
  • He always listens to me he knows that I want us to meet in person first after that we will see if we can be…

Realize and MOVE ON

The player will go to another option and come back to you as nothing happens.

and he will try to convince you to believe that he is busy with work or something that matters to him but it not TRUE the truth is he is using you for his EGO to make himself feel like he is worth it and has someone value himself.


A lonely wolf who never be in a relationshit.

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